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In the Island of Marajó only two stations exist, winter and Summer. They are totally two stations different and the Island of Marajó totally changes.


The winter in the Island of Marajó is characterized by raining during the months of January it ties June. The temperature continues among the 24 to 34 degrees. The fields are exuberant in this time of the year and many parts of the same ones are flooded. 

It is the time of the grandiose landscapes where all is colored of several green tones showing all the splendor of the Amazonian. 

To ride for the flooded fields is an adventure difficult to forget. To observe the infinity of such birds as herons, guarás, colhereiros, prick-clubses and toucans fill with colors the landscape of the islan.


In the summer that is going from July to December, change in the Island of Marajó. The fields dry off and a new landscape collects the whole island. During that summer period it never rains and the fields change in almost a desert. 

A new invasion of birds hovers on the island. Where before there was now water she can ride on the earth. The climate this a little hotter, among the 28 to 35 degrees and the wind is stronger. 

It is the time of the great cavalcades observing the fields of Marajó.