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Fazenda Hotel Sanjo is proud in offering to your guests a full and sophisticated gastronomy. Typical plates of the area and of the international kitchen they are served daily for the your delight. 

In the breakfast several types of home-made breads are served as brioches, scones, croissants with several types of cheeses and homelike jellies, sweet of milk and several other delicacies. 

Verify some of the plates served in the farm.

Buffalo filet with cheese of Marajó 

· Filet buffalo mignon to the oven 

· fresh Cheese of Marajó 

· meat Sauce with fines herves 

Tropical salad 

· Alface 

· Carrot

· basil Leaves 

· Tomato

· Mango

· pineaple 

· Platano 

· Papaia  

Soup of búfala cheese 

· búfala Cheese 

· Cremates of cheese 

· Cremates of milk 

Fish to the sauce Vasco 

· fish Filet 

· Sals the base of balsamic vinegar 

· red Bell pepper 

Spaghetti to the pesto 

· Espaguete 


· Sauce Neapolitan pesto