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Sanjo Farm is at the Island of Marajó, in the mouth of the Amazon river, in the state of Pará, Brazil. The island is the natural border of the Amazonian with the Atlantic ocean. 

Here you can enjoy the nature, to live a life of adventures; to ride water buffalos and marajoara horses, to travel ecological trails, to fish piranhas, to observe one of the richest collections of Amazonian birds, also sells wild animals as monkeys, cutias, alligators capybaras, snakes.

In the farm you find a lot of peace, harmony and happiness. A place also for rest, perfect for children and adults

Be delighted with the exotic and tasty typical food of the farm, water buffalo cheese, sweet of typical fruits of the Amazonian, water buffalo meat with juices of tasty tropical fruits. 

Everything this in the comfort that offers the Sanjo Farm.

In the Island of Marajó only two stations exist: Winter and Summer. The Winter extends from January to June and the Summer of July to December. Know more on the difference of these two stations.   More
Fazenda Sanjo is recognized as synonym of food it satiates and where she can taste delicious typical plates of Marajó and international. Know more on them you delight prepared in the farm.
Our Guests
What speaks ours you accommodate on your permanence in the farm. From where they are and as they arrived here. History and reports on people of all the countries of the world.  More

Aesthetics with mud
From the antiquity the man uses natural resources for therapeutic and aesthetic ends. The natural oils of the Amazonian together with the mud of the swamps of the Island of Marajó they become a great beauty product. Know about the mud baths in the farm. More

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